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Tore B. Thorbjoernsen Hovde

Tore B. Thorbjoernsen Hovde

Teddy’s song!

I was on my way home from my vacation and had been asked to travel to Lesvos to help boat refugees, but so did not enough people, it did not leave. But at the same time, Frank and Team Rubicon had received mail from New Orleans.

Then in less than 12 hours I had decided and packed for New Orleans. Paper / documents were arranged on PC and everything worked perfectly.

After a day of travel, we were thanked and very well received, and there up and out, it was only positive. The meeting with Greyshirts and the way we were treated was with full mutual respect from management to us on the “hill”.

They were long hard days but everyone looked after each other forever with safety and food / water. The cordial gratitude shown by these affected victims / relatives in all misery touched my “rough” heart!

Also took chainsaw courses during the OP and there they had a great ceremony on passing the course where the arms of the T-shirt were removed, incredibly funny jumping in all the serious!

Attached a lot of new ties with amazing many great friends / veterans / GREYSHIRTS!

Mvh Tore Bjørn “TEDDY” aka Fancy pants …

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